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A New Way to Invest

Our research findings indicate that:

  • Higher quality ESG disclosure is statistically linked to stronger future returns.

  • Companies that prioritize ESG tend to have better corporate transparency, which can help mitigate investment risk for investors.

  • Improving ESG disclosure quality is associated with improved business quality.

  • Incorporating ESG factors into decision-making processes encourages boards and management to take a more inclusive approach to capitalism, considering a broader range of stakeholders.

Choosing to invest with Aneuvia means you get:

  • Trust: We are fiduciaries who firmly believe in our investment approach. Our founders invest alongside our clients.

  • Privacy: We never share client information beyond legal requirements.

  • Security: Our clients' assets are held at Interactive Brokers, a world-class custodian.

  • Peace of mind: Our clients maintain full control over their accounts, with us holding a limited power of attorney to manage investments.

  • Transparency: Our separately managed accounts (SMAs) provide real-time visibility into portfolio holdings and transactions.

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