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The name Aneuvia (pronounced a-new-via) is derived from a combination of English, German, and Latin words that together mean "a new way."


Aneuvia is an investment manager that specializes in publicly traded companies. With a strong focus on Process Thinking, our investment strategy is built upon three key pillars: Factor Analysis, Proprietary Models, and Quality Control. Our comprehensive approach helps us identify attractive investment opportunities and manage risk while achieving long-term performance for our clients.

Process thinking is an approach to problem-solving and decision-making that focuses on understanding and improving the systems and processes that underlie a particular outcome or result. This approach recognizes that outcomes are often the result of complex interactions and dependencies between various factors, and that to achieve consistent, high-quality results, it is important to identify and optimize the underlying processes that contribute to those results.


Our investment strategy rests on three key pillars, and we approach it with a focus on constant improvement.

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We use factor analysis to identify the underlying factors that drive investment returns and risk. By using factor analysis to identify these key factors, we can then construct investment portfolios that are designed to capture the performance of those factors. This can help to optimize returns while managing risk, as we can focus on investing in companies that have strong exposure to these important factors.



We use proprietary models (Macro, Bubblegum, BB) to analyze opportunities, minimize risks, and monitor market trends.

  • Our Macro model leverages fixed income data to indicate when US Treasury bonds should be added to hedge the portfolio and sold to increase risk.

  • Bubblegum, our fundamental model, ranks stocks in real-time to identify the most promising investment opportunities. The model also generates a signal represented by the orange line on the chart below, which indicates when to buy or sell a stock (note the inverse relationship between the orange line and the stock's price, represented by the green line).

  • BB, our technical model, is an indispensable tool for identifying patterns and making more informed investments. In addition to analyzing trends, it also generates buy and sell signals that provide valuable insights for our strategy. Moreover, we combine these signals with our Bubblegum model, maximizing our ability to navigate the market with confidence and agility.

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Our discretionary overlay incorporates the strengths of our factor analysis and model inputs with our extensive real-world investment experience. We adopt a comprehensive approach that encompasses a company's business model, market position, and future economic conditions. Furthermore, we actively seek out unique factors that distinguish our investments from others.

Investing with Aneuvia

Choosing to invest with Aneuvia means you get:

  • Trust: We are fiduciaries who firmly believe in our investment approach. Our founders invest alongside our clients.

  • Privacy: We never share client information beyond legal requirements.

  • Security: Our clients' assets are held at Interactive Brokers, a world-class custodian.

  • Peace of mind: Our clients maintain full control over their accounts, with us holding a limited power of attorney to manage investments.

  • Transparency: Our separately managed accounts (SMAs) provide real-time visibility into portfolio holdings and transactions.


2549 Eastbluff Drive #444, Newport Beach, CA, USA

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